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Uplift Quality Solutions, which opened in 2009, is part of the Eazi Group and sister company of Eazi Access, a company specialising in the rental, sales, servicing and training of work-at-height and material handling solutions. Uplift Quality Solutions is also a registered Lifting Machine Entity (LME #405) with the Department of Labour, and offers a wide range of machine load testing covering lifting tackle, overhead cranes and aerial platforms.

General Manager Richard Cherryholme explains that the company plays a vital role in ensuring that customers are well trained, certified and competent with the skills necessary to be productive in the workplace.

Robyn Grimsley (RG): What type of training does Uplift Quality Solutions offer, and how long have these courses and certifications been available?

Richard Cherryholme (RC): Uplift Quality Solutions specialises in training operators to work on mobile elevated work platforms (MEWPs), mobile and overhead cranes, telehandlers and forklifts. Not only do we ensure that the operators we train conform to the legal requirements of the industry but, more importantly, we ensure that they understand and practise safety in the workplace. All our learners are trained extensively on the application, operation and limitations of the machine so they can be effective in their daily operations while adhering to practices that ensure their safety and the safety of those around them while they are working.

We have been offering training for over eight years now. As we continue to grow, we will look at adding additional training courses that are complementary to the fields we operate in and the courses we currently offer.

RG: What is the typical duration of the various courses and certifications available through Uplift Quality Solutions?

RC: The duration of the courses varies, but the majority of novice training courses take three to five days and cover both theoretical and practical components. Typically, around 20% to 30% of the training is theory, and the balance is practical. Learners are assessed on both components. Some courses will also require the learner to complete a workplace log book to further enhance their practical experience.

Operators’ licences are valid for 24 months. Thereafter, the operator will need to attend a one-day reassessment for the licence to be extended for a further 24 months.

RG: Are the available courses and certifications accredited and are they recognised outside of South Africa?

RC: The training business is an accredited training provider with the Transport Education Training Authority (TETA) and the Education, Training and Development Practices (ETDP) SETAS. All our operator courses are registered unit standards with the relevant SETA, and adhere to South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) Unit Standards. Our facilitators are qualified assessors and experts on access equipment.

The training certifications provided are generally not recognised outside of South Africa. However, Uplift Quality Solutions is also a registered training provider with the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) and can offer MEWP training that is widely recognised outside the borders of South Africa.

RG: Who is eligible for the training and what are the prerequisites for attending training, if any?

RC: Although the training we offer is primarily aimed at operators, anyone is eligible to attend the training course provided they meet the entrance qualification conditions as laid out in the Driven Machinery Regulations’ National Code of Practice for Training Providers of Lifting Machine Operators.

Basically, the learner must:

  1. be physically capable of performing the tasks involved in operating the lifting machine without difficulty;
  2. provide a declaration or certificate from the employer confirming medical fitness;
  3. wear the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE);
  4. hold at least a Grade 7, General Education and Training Certificate; and
  5. be at least 18 years of age.

RG: Are there any funding options, such as bursaries, available? If so, for which courses?

RC: If the company is registered with the relevant SETA for their industry and contributes to the Skills Development Levy, it will be in a position to claim back a percentage of the funds spent of training. The training must form part of the company’s skills development plan and they must follow the correct procedures for claiming.

RG: Where can learners complete the training? Do you offer on-site training as well?

RC: Eazi Access currently has 11 branches across the country, which gives us extensive national coverage, and the training can be conducted at any of these sites using your own or hired machinery. We also offer on-site training at any customer site in South Africa using the customer’s own machines in the environment where the operator will be required to work.

We have conducted training in Zambia, Ghana, Mozambique, Namibia, Madagascar and even Panama. Most of our work is conducted in the mining, industrial and construction sectors, where compliance and safety are of paramount importance.

Uplift Quality Solutions training courses include:

Course Duration Unit Standard Validity
Operate a MEWP Novice 3 Days 243272 24 Months
Operate a MEWP Refresher 1 Day 243272 24 Months
Load & Transport of a MEWP Novice 3 Days 243273 24 Months
Load & Transport of a MEWP Novice 1 Day 243273 24 Months
Telescopic Boom Handler Operator Novice 5 Days 260781 24 Months
Telescopic Boom Handler Operator Refresher 1 Day 260781 24 Months
Counter Balanced Lift Truck Operator  Novice 5 Days 242974 24 Months
Counter Balanced Lift Truck Operator  Refresher 1 Day 242974 24 Months
Overhead Cab Controlled Crane Operator Novice 5 Days 116231 24 Months
Overhead Cab Controlled Crane Operator Refresher 1 Day 116231 24 Months
Coach : Train on the job 5 Days 117877 Lifetime
Facilitator Training 5 Days 117871 Lifetime
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